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Easy Like Sunday Morning Sunday 7th November @10:00 - 12:30 With Gail Stephens £30

In these monthly workshops we will start the workshop with a practice of Coherent or Universal Breathing.  In this practice we breathe in and out through the nose to maximise the potential of the breath and we take the breath slow and low, equally and evenly balanced between the inhale of breath and the exhale.  In this way, we bring the breath rate down to around 6 breaths a minute which brings us to a place of alert calm – the flow state – and also brings all the body’s systems into balance.  This breath practice is the anchor for the rest of the practice.

For those of you who are new to Yin Yoga, this is a wonderfully slow practice which gives us the opportunity to access the deep interconnective tissue of the body.  Those of you who are more familiar with the practice will know that we come into each shape, finding just the right amount of sensation; we hold the shape in stillness, and we linger for a while.   We feel into the feels of how it feels to be in each shape, becoming increasingly aware of the body, the shape that it is making and the space that it is holding.  Anchored into the breath, we can find the breathing space, the space to just be with whatever arises for us, moment to moment. 

And we will complete the session with a guided meditation, a space to let the practice land and experience what is different, what might have changed.  We can use this time as well to let go of whatever we don’t need anymore, creating the space for possibility, for change, for renewal.

Throughout the session I will take us a little deeper into the science, the explains, of each part of the practice.  I will also bring some of my favourite readings to provide further food for thought.  And we will consider what can be taken off the mat and into our daily lives.

All in all a nourishing and nurturing way to spend your Sunday morning.

November 14th

Sunday 10:00 -- 12:30

December 12th

Suinday 10:00 - 12:30

January 9th

Sunday 10:00 - 12:30

Yoga Dance Workshops Saturday November 20th @13:00 -15:30 With Steve Avian £30

Where Dance becomes Yoga, Yoga becomes dance

In these series of (or stand alone ) workshops discover Yoga Dances. Where classic asana (postures ) embodied in the ancient wisdom of yoga are combined with the intuitive flow of dance. Together they harmonise Yoga’s ancient asana into flows, linking mudra and Pranayama (breathing) to chosen music. Asanas when danced open the emotional rhythms of heart, body and mind. The spirit of each dance is layered to enrich, and expand Yoga-technique and flow. In these workshops the asana, mudras and breathing techniques will be broken down, explained and practised individually  before they are amalgamated into each dance. Accessible to all, with adaptations when needed .

Includes free downloadable instructional videos, illustrations and notes. 

Good for Improving a Sense of Movement, Rhythm and Flow. 

November 7th

Saturday 13:00 -15:30

Aspara Namaskar & Shakti Namaskar

Yogini & Goddess dance

December 11th

Saturday 13:00 - 15:30

Agni Namakar & Garuda Namaskar

Fire  & Eagle dance

January 8th

Saturday 8th January

Chandra Namaskar & Shiva Namaskar

Moon & Shiva dance

Feldenkrais Pelvic Floor Workshop Saturday 27th November @11:00 -17:00 With Marilla Holmes £50

The course every women should do. Discover the Feldenkrais method with Practitioner Marilla Homes who will lead a day of discovering more about your pelvic floor, and how to get it healthy and keep it functional, using the Feldenkrais Method as the basis.

The day will include:

- Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons (ATMs) to improve skeletal posture, awareness of our selves in space, and internally, and methods to use in an ongoing basis after the workshop

- Basic understanding of our anatomy and physiology as it relates to the function of the pelvic floor

- Normal and abnormal functioning of pelvic floor muscles and nerves

- Discovering your current baseline of awareness of your pelvic floor and nervous system 

- Exploring the relationship of the sphincter muscles throughout the body

- Exercises and methods learned during the workshop can be practised for years to come!

Please bring a blanket or towel to lie on, and another to cover yourself if you get cold easily and wear comfortable clothes. Much of the day will be spent lying on the floor.

There will be a lunch break, you can either bring your own lunch or make use of the local cafes.

The Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education was developed by Moshe Feldenkrais. It has many applications, from assisting rehabilitation after stroke, injury or surgery, to improving the performance of elite athletes, dancers, singers, actors, instrumentalists and performers.

Feldenkrais is a gentle method of developing our awareness of self, of habits and patterns, and how these patterns can interfere with every day function and ease of movement. Through investigating patterns of movement and deepening our understanding of how life experiences shape and condition our movement and abilities, we develop a finer awareness and proprioception and the capacity to choose how we respond to stimuli and habits. This can improve posture, quality and ease of movement, enjoyment of life, and retrain the nervous system, by using small, gentle movements, made with awareness and attention to detail, while staying within the range of comfort.

“Anything you are good at, you can get better at.” - Marilla Homes

“Make the impossible possible, the possible easy, and the easy elegant” 

27th November

Saturday 11:00 - 17:00

Gong Sound Bath Friday 10th Decdember @18:00 -19:30 Craig Eddington £25

 We will start of evening with an 25 minutes of Gentle Yoga Flow and a 5 minute guided meditation to prepare the mind body and breath for the main event:

Gong Sound Bath, Deep, Restorative, Relaxation vital to your wellbeing.  It allows your body time re-balance and rejuvenate. In a Relaxation Sound Bath the therapeutic sounds will lull you into a deeply relaxed state, similar to that achieved during Meditation.  Sound is a great holistic therapy, as it works on all levels of your being – mind, body, soul & spirit. The sound waves provide a ‘sonic massage’ to your physical self and subtle energy fields.  Leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed. 

Good for Absolute Total Relaxation 

Friday 10th December

18:00 - 19:30,

New Beginners 6 Week Course Janauary 8th - February 12th Saturdays @11:00 - 12:00 Louise Power £60

Saturdays 11:00 - 12:00 

In the beginners 6 week course you will be guided through the classic yoga postures, simple flows and mini tutorials. With a strong focus on best practise and alignment, leading to a stronger, safer practise. You’ll learn breathing techniques, inspired by Max Strom, that will leave you feeling calmer, less anxious  and improve your sleep.

The verbal cues used are a modern and intelligent approach to yoga. Utilising anatomy, physiololgy, science and with the western body in mind, they can be a gateway to life long self exploration. Tune into your body, listen, learn and adapt, allow these cues to be a game changer for your body and mind. By the end of the course you will have a strong foundation fit for any form of yoga you wish to explore after the course.

Max of 8 people for a more one to one approach. The classes work out at £10 each @£60 for the course..  

Good for Improving Knowledge, Best Practise & The Joy of Yoga.

January 8th - February 12th

Saturdays 11:00 - 12:00

Mindfullness & Meditation 4 Week Course January 16th - Febrauary 6th Sundays 10:00 - 12:00 Sherry Lee £150



Are you living the life you want and wish?

Are you doing what you love every single day?

Do you get caught up in emotions and get tired of your mind?

There is a simple magical secret to create the happiness, creativity, peace, insight and abundance and joy you deserve to live your life to the fullest every day That magical secret is…. mediation. This Transformational 4 week mediation training course is suitable for anyone, those who are true beginners, those of you who are interested, intrigued to more and those of you who practice mediation often or occasionally. This 4 week course is designed to help guide you on your journey to discovery the self and what life has truly to offer and help you create the life you long and love. Some of the added benefits to this course; Releasing anxiety, stress , past traumas, leading to inner peace and greater emotional wellbeing. This course can help you become no longer attached to your emotions and thoughts; lowers your brainwave frequency and you can connect with greater wisdom, intuition and spiritual connection inside of you.

This course includes:

One weekly class attendance at Power Yoga studio
The teachings of walking and sitting mediation developed from Vipassana meditation
A weekly one to one online chat with Sherry Lee
A chance to meet others and drink tea
Group discussions
A beautiful guided meditation delivered each week before you go home
Daily self-practice in the comfort of your home
Recommended books to read if you wish to learn more about this magical self-practice of meditation

This course is designed for anyone…. I hope you will join me to bring a little magic into your life ‘Time alone is a journey in the mind’

Be still, be at peace, smile, breathe and take in the scenery


Good for Improving Focus, Calm and Inner Peace

Sunday January 16th - February 6th

10:30 -13:00

How to Book

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PLEASE NOTE: To view Workshop, Speicality Class or Course on our Schedule

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