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  1. This year we are celebrating 10 years at the Power of Yoga and what an incredible journey this has been!

    As a country we’ve been through five prime ministers, a global pandemic and our lives seem ever more hectic with the pressures of the digital age.

    Reflecting over the decade, the popularity of social media has become the 'norm' and so many people find themselves lost due to a medium that distorts our day-to-day outlook and well-being.

    Following the pandemic my goal for Power of Yoga was to create a modern and safe environment in the heart of our community.

    An oasis of calm and a well needed breathing space that serves as a constant support to you and helps to escape the demands of modern-day life. We are here at Power Of Yoga in Greenhill Sheffield to help the real you, the authentic you, no matter your shape or size, improve your internal self in the most holistic way.

    The discipline of continual practice and commitment is the only way to achieve inner peace. There is no light switch to turn on and off, no immediate cure, but when you learn to truly care for yourself, your confidence and self-worth improves exponentially. Only then you can pass on life’s wonderful gifts to the people around you.

    The good news is, it’s all very simple; the more you do, the better you feel and the more you can achieve.

    I am so excited for the year ahead with celebrations to mark this huge milestone for our studio.

    We have lots of ideas for upcoming workshops and events and we can't wait to share then with you.

    Louise Power

    Studio Owner of the Power of Yoga and Teacher