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21st January - 25th February 2023
Every Saturday from 9.30 to 10.30
The course will be taught by our Studio Director Louise Power  

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10 places only for a more one-to-one approach.

Cost: From £60 for the 6 weeks (early bird price, will then rise to £75)

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Good for improving knowledge, and best practice & a great refresher for people out of practice and for those who are brand new to yoga. Everyone is welcome, and our inclusive studio will ensure you have a great experience no matter what. 

In the course, you will be guided through the classic yoga postures, simple flows and mini tutorials. A strong focus on best practise and alignment leads to a stronger, safer practice. You’ll learn breathing techniques inspired by Max Strom that will leave you feeling calmer and less anxious and may improve your sleep.

By the end of the course, you will have a strong foundation fit for any form of yoga you wish to explore after the course.

Cacao Ceremony, Pranayama & Guided Meditation
Busy Mind That is for most people the reality of the everyday life ? This takes us away from discovering our true self, from our conscious breath and our hearts. This workshop is designed to guide you back to your centre. With the support of cacao, we set on a journey which will gently take us back to ourselves, our bodies, allowing us to hear the voice of our hearts.

Cacao has been used in ceremonies in Meso-America for centuries. Cacao is powerful yet gentle plant medicine that supports you wherever you are through opening your heart. The intention of the cacao ceremony is to assist you in a personal process which can be light or profound depending on where you are at.Pranayama allows us to work with the life force energy keeping the mind and body in healthy harmony. The breath will support the flow of cacao within us preparing us for the guided meditation. The meditation will deepen the centring process, and our ability to surrender and listen to the heart.

What Will You Need. 
Dress in comfortable warm clothing (layers are good).
Journal and pen to write down any insights. Bottle of water.

Important information. 
Do not consume caffeine or alcohol prior to cacao.
Do a light diet that day and 3-4 hours before only have water or fruit.
Be well hydrated before and after. 
Antidepressants with MAOIs contraindicate with cacao and can lead to severe headaches. If you have low blood pressure, be aware that although cacao is a stimulant, it lowers blood pressure.

Good for Releasing,Calming and Centering.

Step into Winter with Sound Healing Sundays…

As we begin to prepare for less daylight hours, what better way to ease yourself in, than with an amazing deep relaxation experience?

The Power of Yoga has partnered with Maria Atherley Sound Therapy to bring you a monthly chance to experience a restorative and deeply embodied gong sound bath.

You will be guided through the body to a state of stillness, working with seasonal energies to allow a complete immersion into a beautiful healing soundscape of live instruments.

Working with gongs, Tibetan and crystal bowls and a variety of chimes you will be taken on a journey to help you release tension, stress and lower vibrational energies.

Time to get out of your head and expand your heart field.

Time to release and let go.

In the beautiful setting of our yoga studio in Greenhill, Sheffield, we welcome you to bring your own mat, blankets and pillow. Come dressed for comfort – fluffy socks are optional!

Run by: Sallyann Winslow

Cost: £20

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In ‘Braving the Wilderness’, Brene Brown told a story about a village where all the women washed clothes together down by the river. Time moved on and they all got washing machines, suddenly there was an outbreak of depression and no one could figure out why. It wasn't about the washing machines. It was more about the absence of time spent doing things together. It was the absence of community and connection.  Our busy and hectic lives have forced us into a state of independency, or assumed independency. We’re “fine” we tell ourselves even when in reality we’re depressed, overwhelmed, lonely and hurting.   “We’re fine, we’re just too busy right now” we say.  And then, without realising it, days, weeks, months, and maybe even years go by without really communicating or connecting with those who mean the most to us. 

  ‘I’m fine’.  It’s so easy to say even when it’s simply not true. 

We can become so isolated and disconnected that it might seem difficult to begin to build and rebuild the kind of relationships that our hearts and our souls desire and deserve.  Society has become more fragmented, and the pace and demands of life have become ever more hectic.  It is increasingly harder for women from all walks and stages of life to come together and share a space where they can grow and learn, or to simply ‘be’ in each other’s company and the energy that is cultivated when women gather. 

This is where Women’s, or Sister’s Circles come in. 

A women’s circle is essentially a safe space where women of all ages can come to share their life stories, express their emotions, embrace the ‘divine feminine’ or simply sit with the energy of the group, in quiet meditation and be with their true Self. A pool of wisdom and energy and a sense of belonging. 

These offerings give Women an opportunity to experience the energy, connectedness and power of a group of like-minded Women, to feel supported and heard, to be authentic and honest about who they are, to acknowledge their needs and desires. These circles will see a group of women gather in the our beautiful tranquil studio.  Typically held on or around the New or Full Moons, they are a place where connection to the Self and each other will be supported by the Moon, harnessing its energy to set new intentions or to simply release those things that no longer serve us. 

We will begin the evening with a welcome and brief introduction and, if you wish to, offer to the group your intentions or simply share how you feel. We will look at becoming present and begin with breathwork and guided meditation before journaling, using questions designed to encourage you to delve into the emotions and sensations within the body and to bring them to the surface in a safe, supported container. We will begin to introduce movement and flow, where the body is encouraged to support its intentions and release through intuitive free flow or, in fact, embrace stillness in supported postures and asana. We will take time in savasana before coming back to circle to offer any thoughts or emotions that may have come up throughout the session. 

There are mats, blankets and bolsters at the space, but you are welcome to bring your own items of comfort and are encouraged to bring a pen and writing pad and some water.  You may also wish to bring an item to place at the altar, where it will be charged with the energy of the moon and the energy cultivated throughout the evening. 

  • We will gather at around 6pm, before opening the circle at 6.15pm. 
  • It is anticipated that the Circle will close no later than 8.15pm. 
  • Please do not eat anything too heavy in the 2 hours up to the event. 

Chakradance is a beautiful energy healing practice, inviting you to move through what may be holding you back, to gently release old patterns & feel truly invigorated.

The 7 main chakras are the gateways through which body, mind and spirit come together, embodying your wholeness & uniqueness.
I lovingly hold space for you to explore 7 different facets of your whole self, each with their own lessons, meanings & gifts.

Journeying within with eyes closed & barefoot, a session includes seated meditation, free form movement, guided visualisations and a mandala art exercise ~ all to chakra-resonating music.

Come & feel the Joy, release stress, and make a deeper connection with YOU to positively move forwards with.

'Awakening' is a 2 hour class + gifts + refreshments  £25

Space are limited so book now to avoid disappointment!

  • Feldenkrais Pelvic Floor Workshop with Marilla Holmes 

  • Spring Womb Awakening with  Mirka Mirek & Kate Morgan 

  • Cacao Ceremony & Guided Meditation with Mirka Mirek
  • Kundalini Experience with Sherry Lee
  • Yin and Oils Hormone Balance with Sallyann and Sherry
  • Sunday Sound Bath Prep for Winter with Maria Atherly

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