Terms & Conditions

We know this is rather boring, but it is important you understand what you are signing up for. Please read the relevant sections for your purchase.

These T&Cs cover: Warrior 1, Unlimited, Class Pass, New Starter, pay as you go and workshops/courses

Membership Terms and Conditions (Warrior I and Unlimited)

A membership is valid for 24 weeks (6 months) - by signing up for the membership and direct debit, you are accepting this term and agree to make the minimum of 6 monthly payments. 

Your payment will be taken on the same (or as close to) date every month. 

For ease and reduction in administration issues, your membership will be on a rolling monthly basis and will continue beyond the initial membership period (24 weeks). 

You can cancel your membership after the initial contract period.  The notice period is one month. 

If the payment has already left your account, then your cancellation will take place in time for the next “due” payment. Refunds will not be issued. 

Please contact us if you wish to cancel. 

Class Pass Terms & Conditions

There is no contract or commitment with a class pass. No automatic or further payments will be taken.

  • 10 class credits to use however you wish
  • Credits are valid for three months/90 days
  • The 90 days start on the day of purchase
  • Credits cannot be rolled over after the expiry date
  • No refunds
  • Excludes special classes such as the six week Beginners Course class

New Starter 10 Day Trial Pass Terms & Conditions

There is no contract or commitment with a class pass. No automatic or further payments will be taken.

  • Valid for 10 days
  • Your ten days start immediately upon purchase
  • You can attend unlimited classes 
  • Excludes special classes such as the six-week Beginners Course class
  • No refunds or transfers. 
  • 1 trial per person - you cannot buy this multiple times


Direct Debit/card details

Please ensure you keep your card details up to date. If you need to change them, please log into your GloFox account to update them.

  • Log Into the GloFox App
  • Select "Profile" (located in the top left corner)
  • Click "Payments"
  • You can  edit/add cards and direct debits

Important note - please do not “block” or recall bank payments from us, as this can cause complicated administration issues. We will work with you to solve any problems or mistakes. Thank you for your co-operation and help. 


Whichever membership or class pass you purchase, it tells you how many class credits you are purchasing and how long they are valid for.

For example, on Warrior I, you have four classes during the four-week billing period. You can use these however you like—one per week or four in one week—it's totally up to you.

If you are going away, you can use your classes before or after your holiday. 

Credits cannot be paused or rolled over. See pausing or cancelling your membship below. 
Class Credits - cancellations

Early cancellations (up to 4 hours before the start of class) 

If you cancel up to 4 hours in advance via the GloFox App then your class will be credited back to your account (if applicable). 

Late cancellations (within 4 hours of the start of class) 

Whilst we understand that cancellations are sometimes unavoidable, late cancellations prevent other students from booking places in class.  Any cancellations made within 4 hours of the class start time will not be credited back to you.
If Power of Yoga cancels a class

Occasionally, classes may need to be cancelled due to sickness or other reasons beyond our control. Power of Yoga has a number of substitute yoga teachers, but if one can't be found due to late notice, we will notify you, where possible, before the class starts and credit back the class credit.

Workshops + Courses - cancellations
Cancellations made more than 7 days before the start date will be refunded (minus a 10% admin fee). 

For cancellations less than seven days before the course or workshop, there will be no refunds or transfers unless:
    ▪ The course/ workshop is full, and your place can be filled from a waiting list or
    ▪ you are sick/injured/pregnant and can provide a doctor’s note

No-shows— Refunds cannot be made retrospectively. Once a Workshop has taken place, no refunds will be processed.
We reserve the right to cancel a workshop

Whilst we would only do this in exceptional circumstances, that means we are unable to offer the workshop as advertised or if insufficient numbers are booked onto the workshop to make it viable. Should this happen, we will notify you ASAP and will refund you the full £ (sterling) amount you have paid us. We will not be responsible for any additional expenses you may have incurred regarding the cancellation of the workshop/course.

We reserve the right to change the timetable 

We change the timetable occasionally if a teacher leaves or there is not enough demand/use of a class.

We reduced the timetable during August due to many students and teachers taking holidays. We aim to provide enough sessions to cope with demand. Please check the GloFox app for the most up to date timetable.

Adverse Weather Conditions

Classes, workshops and courses will be cancelled if it is deemed unsafe for teachers and students to travel to/from the studio. Power of Yoga will inform you before the start of the session (as quickly as possible). Please ensure check your emails/GloFox app. 

Pausing or cancelling Warrior 1 or Unlimited memberships

You are committing to a 24-week contract. If you are within this 24 week period, we will only pause or cancel memberships in extenuating circumstances.

An example of extenuating circumstances could be you are going into hospital for an operation and unable to exercise. Sadly, we can't pause or cancel for extended holidays or fun stuff.

If a pause is agreed upon in extenuating circumstances, we can only pause your membership once in 12 months. 

Please contact us to talk about this by sending an email to louise@powerofyoga.net or speak to Louise in person.

Data Policy 

We promise to keep your data secure. All information is kept within GloFox. Only authorised employees and contractors (who agree to keep information secure and confidential) can access your information. 

All newsletters allow you to opt out of further mailings. 

Power of Yoga will never sell, trade, rent, exchange or otherwise share your personal information with any other person, company or organisation.