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Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

If you still need help, then please send us an email at

  • Scroll down to the bottom of this page
  • Log in, if you are not already logged into GloFox
  • Find the class you want to book
  • Click on the class
  • Click "Book"
  • You will receive an email confirmaiton of your booking (check your junk folder if you don't see it)
  • Come along and enjoy! 

  1. Log Into the GloFox App
  2. Select "Profile" ( located in the top right corner)
  3. You can view the classes you have booked
  4. Swipe to cancel

  • Log Into the GloFox App
  • Select "Profile" ( located in the top right corner)
  • You can view this under "my membership" or "my transactions"

  • Log Into the GloFox App
  • Select "Profile" ( located in the top right corner)
  • On the left hand column you can edit/add cards 

If you have used your class allowance you can simply click to book and make a payment via a credit or debit card for the class you wish to attend. 

  •  Log Into the GloFox App
  • View Class Schedule
  • Click on the "Courses" tab
  • Read the details
  • Click "Purchase"
  • Enjoy!

Unfortunately not. Which ever membership or class pass you purchase, it tells you how many classes you are purchasing and how long they are valid for.

For example, on Warrior I, you have 4 classes during the 4 week billing period. You can use these however you like. 1 per week, 4 in one's totally up to you.

If you are going away, then you can use your classes either before or after your holiday. 

We can pause or cancel memberships in extenuating circumstances if you have a contract (Warrior I, Warrior II or Warrior III).

An example of extenuating circumstances could be, you are going into hospital for an operation and unable to exercise.

Sadly, we can't pause or cancel for extended holidays or fun stuff.

Please contact us to talk about this by sending an email to or speak to Louise in person. 

We hope you have had an amazing experience with us and we would love to invite you to continue Yoga with us.

You can either purchase a membership or a class pass. Head over to the Membership Page to purchase the right one for you. We really hope you'll continue at our beautiful studio. If you have any questions at all, please chat with Louise. 

Please either email us, phone us or speak with Louise the Studio Director

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