Sophie Rose Parr

Yoga encompasses my lifelong interests and beliefs. I have practiced Yoga for over 12 years. Like many people, what originally attracted me was the physical benefits. Over the years my relationship to Yoga has changed, and I now experience it as a vehicle through which I can dedicate myself to endless self-discovery and growth. Journeying through a Yoga practice of movement, breathing and meditation is a way to learn more about our relationship to ourselves; to enable reflection, self-acceptance and ultimately find a sense of inner harmony.

I have nearly 600hrs of Yoga and Meditation training in different Yogic disciplines, and have crafted a unique teaching style that is influenced by them all. In the U.K, I have completed 200hrs of training in traditional Vinyasa and Hatha styles, such as Power Yoga, and a 50hr certificate in Embodied Vinyasa - both with Sacred Alchemy Yoga.

In the U.S.A, I have trained at Kripalu, one of the leading Yoga schools in the country. Here I completed 200hrs training in the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, the sister science of Yoga, which was incredibly transformative and has infused my daily life. At Kripalu I also completed 75hrs of training in Guiding Meditation and Meditative Yoga classes, for all abilities.

Whilst living in the U.S.A I taught Trauma-informed yoga for the charity Hands and Heart Center, teaching vulnerable adults and children in homeless centres, addiction treatment centres and underprivileged schools in the Boston area. 

I enjoy having a broad range of teaching styles to call upon. Whether its the dynamic, strength building benefits that come with Power Yoga; the Sattva boosting benefits from an Ayurvedic inspired Yoga class; the calming, non-judgemental awareness cultivated in a Kripalu Yoga class; or harnessing a more personal connection to our bodies' intelligence through Embodied practices; my underlying intention is to empower students to celebrate and connect with their inner wisdom - that deep well of harmony and joy that exists within each and every one of us.